Course Requirements

BRC (Basic Rider Course) Requirements


Must be of licensing age (15 years or older) on the first day of the course, have the ability to ride and balance a bicycle, and be physically and mentally capable of being licensed. Students deficient in balance may have difficulty controlling a motorcycle.

Must have identification documentation to confirm his or her identity.

The eCourse, an interactive 3-hr. online program, is required before the start of your scheduled course. After registration, you will receive a link to take the course and will be able to print a completion certificate that must be completed within 30 days prior to the class start date. You are required to bring the printed completion certificate to your class start date on Friday night.

Age 15 to 17:

Must complete the appropriate amount of a Driver Education Course to be eligible for a Class C instructional permit before being eligible to enroll in a Basic Motorcycle Operator Training Course. Proof of completion of the Drivers Education prerequisite is a Department issued form (DE-964), Class C Instructional Permit or an unrestricted (vision, hearing, or disability restrictions ok) provisional Class “C” or higher license. The student must also have parental or legal guardian permission and must have their parent or guardian present the Friday night of the course to sign the waiver forms in the presence of the instructor or have the forms notarized prior to that point.  

Summer registrants:

Please note that you will be in direct sunlight and heat for half the day on Saturday and all day on Sunday. We do take frequent breaks during summer to allow for some cool down time and to allow students to drink plenty of water. If you are unable or believe you might not tolerate heat, we recommend that you take the course in a cooler season.

Student equipment required (to be furnished by student):


Own helmet if DOT approved and accepted by the instructor and worn as directed in the helmet owner’s manual (no hats/caps may be worn under helmets). Helmets are available for loan at no additional fee.

Eye protection:

Face shield on personal helmet, goggles, sunglasses or corrective lenses are acceptable.


Long sleeve shirt and/or jacket and non-flared denim type or equivalent long pants.


Full fingered gloves. Leather motorcycle gloves are best. Cotton work gloves available for loan at no additional fee.


Sturdy shoes/boots that cover the ankle and have slip resistant soles. Low-heeled boots are recommended for use in the course; however, leather or padded high-top athletic shoes are permitted.

Rain gear:

If there is a possibility of rain, be prepared with appropriate rain gear. (We recommend a rain jacket, rain pants, goggles/faceshield, nonporous gloves, and waterproof footwear.)


Basic course is limited to twelve students. Cost is $235.

Refund policy:

Course payment is non-refundable. In cases of failure to complete the course for any reason, a refund will not be issued nor will a reschedule be allowed without another registration and payment. Cancellation given with time for another student to take your place will allow us to use your fee for a future class.